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Bubble Gum Pop

Bubble Gum Pop


Reminisce on the days of diners, poodle skirts and classic rock and roll while you cozy up in this vintage style quilt.

Our squares are carefully cut from gently used wool sweaters, and machine sewn together row by row to form the top of the throw quilt. We use various types of wool sweaters from hearty, hand knit merinos to soft, elegant cashmeres. We enjoy recycling as much of the sweater as we can, utilizing pockets, collars, and sleeve cuffs whenever possible. We back every quilt in 100% cotton flannel chosen to compliment each one-of-a-kind design. We finish off each unique quilt with a collection of recycled, antique, or handmade buttons tied by hand with 100% cotton warp. They are just the right size (approx. 48" x 60") for snuggling up on the couch or laying one at the foot of a bed. As an added personal touch, we give each quilt a name that we believe reflects their distinctive design.

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