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  • When you cut the sweaters do they unravel?
    They do not. If a sweater was worn with an unfinished edge it would quickly unravel, but since every square is cut and carefully sewn together, the knit structure keeps its shape. Once it’s sewn together, the cut edges are locked and won’t come apart with any kind of normal use.
  • Where do you get your sweaters?
    Thrift stores, second hand stores, rummage sales, friends, neighbors, and strangers! The question is...where don’t we get sweaters?
  • What size are your quilts?
    They are just the right size (approx. 48" x 60") for snuggling up on the couch or laying one at the foot of a bed.
  • Do you accept sweater donations?
    Yes! Get in touch with us through the contact page and let us know what you have. We will usually accept any 100% wool sweaters as long as it’s in good condition and free from major stains or odors.
  • Do you do custom quilts?
    Yes, feel free to contact us about your specific needs and we will let you know if we can accommodate you. Some seasons are busier than others and sometimes we have to track down specific colors, but it’s always a fun challenge to make someone’s vision come to life!
  • Where do you get your buttons?
    Anywhere and everywhere! We’ve been blessed to inherit some large collections from friends and relatives, but we always are on the lookout for unique buttons. Sometimes we find them on the sweaters themselves, on thrift store buys, at second hand stores. We’ve made buttons, bought buttons from crafters, and turned odds and ends into buttons! It’s the jewelry of the quilt and one of our favorite parts to see come together!
  • Are the buttons uncomfortable?
    Having used these quilts since 2001, I can personally attest to the fact that I’ve never had a button keep me awake at night. I’ve never had a button make me toss a blanket across the room in annoyance, and I’ve never been damaged by a button. The flannel provides a soft layer as the first line of defense and the wool itself is insulating against any edgy buttons. That being said, we always keep the “snug” part of SnugBug in mind, and stay away from anything that could potentially be too bulky or sharp.
  • Help! My child/dog/coffee made a mess of my quilt, can I wash it?!"
    The short answer is: we always recommend dry cleaning or using a home dry cleaning product. Here’s the longer, more practical answer: as long time users of these quilts through plenty of stomach bugs, pet shedding problems, and early morning coffee accidents we’ve had to come up with ways to wash our beloved quilts without dry cleaning bills that would rival the monthly rent. If you need to wash your quilt at home, use the most delicate and shortest wash setting on your machine using a small amount of very gentle detergent like Woolite. Since wool will felt with agitation and soap, it’s important to limit the amount of motion and not add as much detergent as you’d add to a regular load of laundry. Do not put your wet quilt in the dryer. Hang it to dry and stretch/adjust your quilt to square it up again. This method will clean your quilt in a pinch and limit the amount of felting that could occur. You may notice that some of the squares become slightly misshapen after washing with this method, so we recommend you do this only in cases of heavy soiling.
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